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Rules and Regulations

Part A: Introduction

Using and Understanding

These are the rules for the website. They apply to everyone who places bets on this online betting platform ("Site"). There are two types of rules:

  1. General Rules:

    These rules apply to all bets, unless the rules for a specific sport say something different. If there's a conflict between the Specific Sports Rules and the General Rules, the Specific Sports Rules are more important.

  2. Responsibility:

    Customers should know all the rules for the market they want to bet on. If customers use the "one-click" option to bet, they are responsible for any mistakes, and the site is not responsible for errors made by customers using this option.

Part B: Rules

Things Beyond Control and Malfunctions

The site is not responsible for any loss or damage you might have because of:

If any of these things happen, the site can cancel or suspend access to the site without being responsible. The site is not responsible for any equipment or software failures that might prevent the site from working.

If there's a technical problem or error that customers notice, they should tell the site right away. If customers keep placing bets in these situations, they should try to minimize potential losses. If they don't do this, the site can cancel a bet. The site can also limit access, hold funds, or cancel bets in case of technical problems affecting the site's integrity. Customers will be informed on the site about such problems that might stop them from placing more bets or canceling outstanding bets.