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Privacy Policy

Personal data is information about you, like your name, birthday, and where you live. You chose to provide us with this information when you set up an account. We use it to make our services better and keep your account safe.

We use your information to make special offers, bonuses, and ads just for you. We also use it to protect your account and money. We start collecting information when you visit our site, even before you make an account. We get details like your location, phone model, and more from your device. As you use our site, we collect more information.

We collect and use your data for a few main reasons:

  1. Making our service better: We use your information to make personalized offers, bonuses, and ads for you.
  2. Security: Your information helps us quickly solve any issues or disputes.
  3. Following the law: We use your data according to the laws of the countries where we operate.

We don't share your personal information with others, except in cases of suspected fraud, where we might share it with the authorities. Sometimes, we may use the information for publicity when someone wins big. You can choose not to give us your data by contacting our support service.